For most home based workers internet speed connection plays a vital role in delivering quality service for the clients. Poor internet connection means poor output that can terribly lead to unsatisfied clients worst being fired.

Out from curiosity I was given a chance to compare the two leading internet service provider companies in the Philippines, the Globe Tattoo and the My Bro from Smart Network.

Below are the specifications of the plan I purchased from the two networks:

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband - Internet and land line connection Plan 1099   

  • Wireless Connection
  • Up to 2mbps internet connection speed
  • Free Landline
  • Free Unli Call to Globe and TM
  • Free Wifi Router
  • Initial Cash Out – 1,299 Php
  • Monthly Payment – 1,099 Php plus 200Php for the first 6 months for the phone.
  • Fair Usage Policy – 5GB/ Day
  • Tech Support – Dial 211 (Using globe mobile)

Smart myBro Internet connection Plan 999

  • Wireless Connection
  • Up to 2mbps internet connection speed
  • No Free Landline
  • No Free Calls
  • No Free Wireless Router
  • Initial Cash Out – 499Php
  • Monthly Payment – 999Php
  • Fair Usage Policy – 60GB/ Month
  • Tech Support – Dial *1888
From the specification above you can really see the cons and pros of the two Internet service providers.

To elaborate the comparison the next thing I did is to test the individual speed using speedtest.com. To be fair, I selected the same server for the ISP’s to ping.

Globe Tattoo Result

Smart  Mybro Result

Above images you can obviously see the big speed difference of the two providers. Globe got a Grade: B (faster that 67% of PH average internet speed) while Smart only got Grade: D- (Slower that 80% of PH average internet speed). However, this speed test doesn’t guarantee 100% percent accuracy. It will still depend from your location to the nearest network station.

Hope this review helps you in deciding what internet connection service to choose for. Cheers!
Since employers now a days are looking for a programmer/designer, I have to develop my creativity skills, so I started by creating three mockup designs inspired by different wordpress responsive design websites for my client.


How to speed up your wireless broadband internet connection kit?

Most of the wireless broadband internet connection subscriber 
has an issue with their internet speed connections.Whether he or she is a Globe Tattoo user,
Sun Broadband user or Smart Broadband user they all have the same problem.

So how we will solve this problem?The main reason of a slow internet connection
using wireless broadband internet is the signal. The speed of your internet connection 
will always based on your location and the amount signal your getting. 
The Higher the signal the bigger the amount of your bandwidth.
The Higher  the bandwidth mean faster internet connection.

Now I'm going to show you how are we going to get bigger amount of signal in less expensive way and more creative.

Just prepare the following

1.USB  Extended Connector
2.Wireless broadband kit(Globe,Smart,Sun Provider will do)
3.Aluminum or steel plate.


1.Create a hole in the center of the aluminum plate.
2.Insert the USB extended connector in center, where the hole is created.
3.Put it to higher area.
4.Insert your broadband kit to your extended connecter in center of the aluminum plate.
5.Last, insert the other end of your connector  to your PC and do a speed test.

This is my own version. You can create and share your own version too. Cheers!

Bloggers and Developers a always prefer to choose the best wordpress template to use in their wordpress websites. And for them to do that, they gonna pay it to have a good premium wordpress template, or just copy the style and create an imitation out from it, which is a pain in the ass. So I ask myself, how to hack those premium wordpress template  from others website? Is it really possible to hack a premium wordpress template? So for me to answer those questions I research it and look for the answer.

As I research it in the internet. I found a solution on how to get a free premium wordpress template using a software. This software will copy all the files from the root directory. As I tested it, Im happy with the result. Because it really works, and totally copy the entire wordpress template and save it to my local storage.

I know this hacking stuff is unethical and must not be share. But I'm just happy that I learn it from my effort. To give you a clue about software. it starts with HTTP. Cheers! :)

Business is business, Google wants to provide a good to service to their advertisers. And to do that they have to terminate websites that is irrelevant and not useful to their clients. You have to know this things because sooner or later your site might get ban for not knowing this things. So here are the 5 things that you need to review on your website if your still abiding Google terms and conditions.


For bloggers, this is a basic rule. Never ever copy an article without putting credits to its source. So if you want to make use of a sentence or a paragraph always put credits or reference to the person who wrote the article. Linking its website will do.


Google is 10 times intelligent now, so don't try to spam other website by putting several links to create a back-links to your site. Your site can be ban or worst your account can be ban in Google ad sense.

Wrong use of keywords

 Making used of keywords is not bad at all. But make sure your keywords is fit to your article. Over used of keywords is also consider as a form of spamming. Google will never spent some time to crawl your keywords but instead ban you website.


I'm also a victim of this. Just to be clear copyright and plagiarism is different. Never ever use torrent keywords or a copy of movie link in torrent. Sharing this is violating  the copyright rule, so if your doing this, quickly remove it to your website before its too late.


This is a simple rule. Just a reminder, always use an international language which is English in you article. Using your own language is violating Google terms and condition.

This tutorial will teach you how to simulate live server into your own local PC using Xampp.


Go to your "Window/System32/driver/etc" Folder, and look for the "host" file. Edit the file and add this ("   mySite") in the bottom on the line, then save.


Go to your "xampp/apache/conf/extra" and look for this file "httpd-vhosts.conf", After locating file,
uncomment the "NameVirtualHost *:80", And then add the following at the bottom.

    DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/calcdim"
    ServerName calcdim
    ServerAlias calcdim
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    AllowOverride all


Go to "Xamp/Apache/Conf" and look for "httpd.conf" file.Find the following:

LoadModule vhost_alias_module modules/mod_vhost_alias.so
Include "conf/extra/httpd-userdir.conf"

if commented, please uncomment it by removing the "#" character.


Create a folder named mySite inside your "xamp/htdocs". After creating the folder, create index.html to test if it is really working.


Restart your apache to opening xampp control panel.


After restarting the apache, type mySite in your browser to text where its working.

So, these the 6 easy steps on how to create a real server in your own local PC. This is very useful to avoid incompatibilities when the code is uploaded to the server. Thank you.