How to hack and get a free templates designs from monster templates [dot] com

This post I will gonna show to you on how to download a template from monster template for free.Since I'm not contented with their sample design that can be downloaded in internet, I explore some ways on to download a template freely. Well, I'm not encouraging everyone to use it, because this is somehow illegal, however, I just wanna show to you how to hack and get a free templates from monster template. So read very carefully the instruction on how to get a free template from monster template.Now lets begin this hacking procedure to download our favorite tempalte designs .

Step 1: Select a particular template from the monster template[dot]com and choose Demo. As you are in demo mode. Close the dashboard above. Right click the page and choose save as page.

Step 2: Use filezilla to browse the directory of the image.

Step 3: Copy the URL of the image and past it to address bar. Erase the image name and press Enter.After doing that, you will be redirected to list of directories, and from there you can now download freely the entire web page, with out paying any cents.

This tutorial will not assure you that you can download every template from monster template for free. If you are lucky enough some demo template is not secured and lack of forbidden HTML page. Feel free to comment to this post.

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  1. thanks for the hack....its great buddy

  2. If we hack those templates is there any way where hey can trace us

  3. 403 forbidden :( they must have closed the security on it. any one know any other hacks for template monst.

  4. hey they have redirected their home page while doing like same any suggestion ???

  5. Hello, i'm from Brasil, found this page on google.

    So, i saved all images and css, and js BEFORE i see this page. But theres a problem, i upload the template and when i access the address i get redirect to Google.

    Can you do a tutorial teaching how to hack that?

  6. not working anymore... it redirects to the templatemonster site. where there's no sign of redirection in JS files

    any help?

  7. i also having the same problem, its redirecting to google. When i change the current template jquery plugin with new jquery plugin which i downloaded from the jquery website, its working fine.

  8. after saving the page remove the google code starting from
    var _gaq = _gaq || [];

    jus delete that part

  9. can you tell me how to find imeage file using filezila

  10. Friend can you download this template for me

    please send me the link to download ....... thank you in advance

    my mail id is - amitboss@gmail.com

  11. I wonder, Firebug or Fillezilla?

  12. I wonder, Firebug or Filezilla?