Globe Tattoo Broadband VS Smart MyBro Network Internet Connection Speed Review

For most home based workers internet speed connection plays a vital role in delivering quality service for the clients. Poor internet connection means poor output that can terribly lead to unsatisfied clients worst being fired.

Out from curiosity I was given a chance to compare the two leading internet service provider companies in the Philippines, the Globe Tattoo and the My Bro from Smart Network.

Below are the specifications of the plan I purchased from the two networks:

Globe Tattoo Home Broadband - Internet and land line connection Plan 1099   

  • Wireless Connection
  • Up to 2mbps internet connection speed
  • Free Landline
  • Free Unli Call to Globe and TM
  • Free Wifi Router
  • Initial Cash Out – 1,299 Php
  • Monthly Payment – 1,099 Php plus 200Php for the first 6 months for the phone.
  • Fair Usage Policy – 5GB/ Day
  • Tech Support – Dial 211 (Using globe mobile)

Smart myBro Internet connection Plan 999

  • Wireless Connection
  • Up to 2mbps internet connection speed
  • No Free Landline
  • No Free Calls
  • No Free Wireless Router
  • Initial Cash Out – 499Php
  • Monthly Payment – 999Php
  • Fair Usage Policy – 60GB/ Month
  • Tech Support – Dial *1888
From the specification above you can really see the cons and pros of the two Internet service providers.

To elaborate the comparison the next thing I did is to test the individual speed using speedtest.com. To be fair, I selected the same server for the ISP’s to ping.

Globe Tattoo Result

Smart  Mybro Result

Above images you can obviously see the big speed difference of the two providers. Globe got a Grade: B (faster that 67% of PH average internet speed) while Smart only got Grade: D- (Slower that 80% of PH average internet speed). However, this speed test doesn’t guarantee 100% percent accuracy. It will still depend from your location to the nearest network station.

Hope this review helps you in deciding what internet connection service to choose for. Cheers!


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